Recent landmark policy changes and institutional arrangements of the Telangana Government under its Flagship Programme “Telangana Ku Haritha Haram” are in perfect harmony with the approaches of Nature-based solutions of IUCN.

Apart from mitigating the impacts of climate change, forests play a pivotal role in providing umpteen goods and services including the conservation of biodiversity. To meet the multifarious anthropogenic demands, the forests are subjected to forest degradation and deforestation. While the global rate of deforestation is around 10 million hectares per year, nearly 1.6 billion people get affected due to deforestation and degradation globally. We have lost nearly 5.7…

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The recent COVID pandemic has aggravated the ongoing global crises and the threat of climate change with resultant environmental challenges causing an unprecedented disturbance to the global economy, besides tipping the delicate balance between man and nature. Manifested in various symptoms like global warming, recurrent droughts and floods, melting of glaciers, rising of sea levels, extinction of plants and animals, destruction of habitats, and other anthropogenic actions, these manifestations need a relook to protect and conserve mother nature from the further onslaught on our survival and posterity.

To meet the ever-growing demands of human development from nature, the path of…

Consider these factors for making plants grow.

(When you plant a tree, you plant a legacy. Pepper Provenzano)

Image Courtesy: Payton Grote/Birds & Blooms

Trees being the most essential for the life of not an only human being but all the living creatures of this planet also act as an important link between the past, present and future. The existence of species including humans is not possible without plants hence they are the lifeline and base for the survival of man.

Tree planting is undoubtedly one of the best and cheapest ways to sequester carbon from the atmosphere besides supporting and sustaining biodiversity and controlling other…

This new method of raising diverse forests can be a boon to tackle the challenges of climate change and lack of green cover across various locations.

One of the fantastic gifts of Mother Nature, trees are vital and valuable resources for the survival of mankind apart from providing umpteen goods and services. The role of trees in mitigating climate change especially in capturing and sequestering carbon has made them a favourite to address the climate change-related challenges including deforestation.

The importance of forests and initiatives to raise tree planting have of late started gaining momentum both at global and national levels. Recently launched “One Trillion Trees Initiative of World Economic Forum with UNEP and FAO or the Bonn Challenge” of Germany and IUCN or “Plant a…


As a dreaded virus engulfs the world, causing unprecedented havoc and killing million people across the globe, many have begun to accept that it is retaliation from Mother Earth for man’s misdeeds. In 1970, under the guidance of Gaylord Nelson, the people of the United States celebrated the first Earth Day on April 22 in response to their protest against the industrial revolution. The United Nations General Assembly later designated the day as International Mother Earth Day through a resolution adopted in 2009.

Despite having knowledge of the negative consequences of rampant exploitation of the environment, we have continued to…

Post pandemic, the efforts to revive economies across the world should be complemented with genuine efforts for biodiversity conservation.

The scientific communities across the globe have in almost unanimity concluded that the relation between man and nature is fundamentally flawed which has resulted in a pandemic. Unlike other disasters, the devastation of Corona has gone beyond all protocols or man-made distinctions on the lines of race, power, occupation, social status, sex, age etc compelling us to accept the fact that we all are equal and we all are connected and interlinked with each other including all life forms or in…

Mohan Chandra Pargaien

India Forest Service Officer. Telangana India.PGD Forestry, Sustainable & Urban Development

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